Happy two-thousand-and-sixteenth year!

Wow, and that is how my very well written new year musing just disappeared like that..lol.
I had thought I'd saved it before going for the end of year prayers but, alas, I couldn't have been more wrong.
Anyway, I'll just crack on regardless- I'll just wish us all a quick happy new year.
It's all well that what had previously been typed got wiped away- it had all been too deep and heavy- light is always better, :).... Sometimes.

New years normally have us making resolutions we intend to keep.
I believe as we grow older, we tend to not quite want to make a big deal out of new year resolutions- because we feel, in our hearts, that we mostly set ourselves up for a failure and feel a drat fool when we renege on our freshly made resolutions- which we might have made a lot of noise about to friends and family.
We are embarrassed to see them see us fall off the pathway of discipline- and normally, we fall off pretty early, as early as the second week into the year or some such silly timing- and so we deride the making of resolutions at the beginning of a new year, we scoff at the concept and call it silly, often saying, "I don't need a new day in a new year to force me to make changes, all I need is a hot new minute!".
That is all well and good and is a truth in itself but I do not believe it quite works like that for a lot of people.
Some of us need that extra concept of "newness" to trick our minds into believing that a new chapter has opened up before us. It is all in the mind....
So, while making resolutions might not be true to the workings of one's mind, actively setting out to make resolutions (read: plans ) might be just what that other over there needs to function effectively - at least for the first quarter of the year.
The point is to know yourself, to know what works for you and to allow yourself to make use of that which works for you- regardless of what opinions others hold- their opinions, too, are valid, but only to the extent that it concerns and pertains to them as individuals.

All I'm trying to say is that me, sef, I have my own resolutions o, hehehehe.
Well, in truth, it's more like an extension of decisions reached last year, which have been reaping a good harvest, and for which I intend to pay greater attention to in this year.
I made two really big decisions last year and the second is starting this blog- with a decision to write in it openly.
The first is about a very personal journey which I hope to share with you when I believe I've gotten to a place of strength, a place where I feel right about sharing it.

So, I decide in this year:
1) To do what makes me happy and to let myself live without wishing I'd done something I innately knew myself capable of doing but never quite mustered up the courage to do

2) Embrace and exemplify humility and simplicity in manner, form and in being.
Anyway, life already began the process of truly humbling me a few years back- insights I will share as we go forward- and I've seen for myself that haughtiness and self-centeredness doesn't actually make you feel even remotely special- happiness is found in simplicity

3) To make my walk with God of greater priority than it's ever been

4) To be an absolutely great wife and companion to my husband and,
5) To be a fantastic mother. To be involved in every minutest detail of my children's lives, leaving nothing to the "expert knowledge" of the teacher or nanny- No. I'll be the expert, they can be the help.

That's about it. Pretty short and realistic list, you'll agree, eh?

Do you have a resolution for this year? A plan? Can you share with me?
And if not (if you haven't got a resolution, that is) why not?

Happy new year and I pray this year brings you answered prayers!

With Love,

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