Broody Bunch.

Not yet. :)

Every woman in my workplace is pregnant.
Almost every woman in my workplace is pregnant.
Well, "it seems" as though "almost" every woman in my workplace is pregnant.
A whole bunch of us who already had a kid or more seemed to all get broody right about the same time last year and before I could say, "Jack", all the ladies who'd been gushing about wanting to be pregnant became pregnant.
It was like someone sneezed and everybody got pregnant.
Everybody, that is, except me.

Even my friends back in Nigeria who'd had their kids the same time as I'd had my son had either popped out another child or were about to.
I know it sounds crazy that I am even thinking this way but, you must know that I didn't intend to give any unnecessary spacing after any one child. I had just wanted to pop out all of my kids in quick succession like a rabbit and know that that chapter was closed and then focus on raising them, getting my body back and building a career- or, at least, starting a thriving business.
I had imagined that I'd conceive again when my son was about 5 months old..... he is now 13 months old. 
My GP had assured me nothing was wrong and said that, normally, one's menstrual cycle returned after the nursing period and, in some cases, even whilst some still nursed and that fertility naturally followed with the return of one's cycle but I had yet to see mine.
My son had nursed heavily (whilst eating other solids, that is ) for 10 months straight before I had to cruelly snatch back "my girls"- which he had literally dragged down to my knees- from him before they became extra flat flip flops.
After the return of my cycle, work and business meant that The Hub and I were living in different cities and so I set out to make the most of the days we spent together.

Unfortunately, the times we normally had to travel to see each other were always just missing or about to miss the fertile period so I'd adopt every tactic I could to see if I could  make the treasured "fertilizer" stay put or stick to the inner linings of the incubator for another day or two until the shakara-making egg fell out to be fertilized but, for where?
From hanging upside down like a bat to ....... (fill in what you will), it was all done but, I finally realised that, if it's not the fertile period, it's just not o. Except it was a miracle.
I think I've gone through about 12 different test strips from May 2015- Dec 2015 until I just finally stopped- what's all the pressure?!
The pressure I was beginning to mount on myself was even enough to cause one to grow infertile!
I just had to stop trying to manipulate the situation, conception will happen in God's time for my life and if it wasn't happening as quickly as I'd wanted, then it must be because it's not what is meant to happen at this point so I'll just focus on other aspects of my life that need my attention and when it does happen, it'll then be another source of elation and joy for me and mine!

You'd have thought that I'd know that!
I mean, I instinctively "know" this but, I guess I couldn't help myself- what with all the glowing new expectant moms chatting excitedly about their new pregnancy- I come dey vex say my hubby no wan book flight make em enter peak period sef, #smh.

Anyway, though I want very badly to expand my family, since it isn't happening now, I'll just focus on my faith, my family, my job, my health, my mental well being; I'll love, dance, sing, play and be happy! I'll also read, plan, attend seminars and grow my vision. I'll eat clean, keep walking, try to exercise as much as possible and stay fit. I'll study my bible, listen to hear God more, meditate more and obey more. I'll choose positivity and I'll stay positive and hope for a very positive life.
No pressures. None at all.

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Love Always,

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