Is this ever acceptable?

I've just had quite a tiring day and so I got home not a little knackered.
I'm getting prepped to go on a much needed holiday and so I set out putting things in order for a light travel.
Stretching out on my bed after my lil man had gone to bed, I scrolled through blogosphere to catch up a bit and that was when I saw this story.

Did you know the dos and don'ts in a case of Fever?

The little mister began to run a fever in the wee hours of Monday morning which I thought was abit odd as his vaccination had been a few days away and he had run a short fever the evening after- I didn't see any reason why the fever was back.
I gave him some paracetamol and just waited it out, all the while thinking of what to do in the worst case scenario, to skip work or let the leave in nan take him to the GP. The fever seemed very much improved by 6am which was my prep time so I got prepped for work, leaving instructions with the nan on when, how and at what times his medication where to be given to him.


My son's 1 year "measles" vaccination was due and so I'd taken  a day off this week(officially) to attend with him at the clinic.

He'd had three shots which had made him cry for all of two minutes after which he was back to his bubbly, happy self.

Broody Bunch.

Not yet. :)

Every woman in my workplace is pregnant.
Almost every woman in my workplace is pregnant.
Well, "it seems" as though "almost" every woman in my workplace is pregnant.
A whole bunch of us who already had a kid or more seemed to all get broody right about the same time last year and before I could say, "Jack", all the ladies who'd been gushing about wanting to be pregnant became pregnant.
It was like someone sneezed and everybody got pregnant.
Everybody, that is, except me.

Double standards..... Or Not.

I feel like I'm constantly trying to tell myself that racism- or at least, prejudice- does not quite manifest itself (often) in this country or around me but I'm sometimes faced with situations that make it hard to keep telling myself this.
I've had a not so pleasant day at work today, nothing serious by any means, but annoying nonetheless.
I feel a need to share it though, just in case.

Blurred lines, Distinct lines, Somewhere in between.

My mum leaves in a few days and I've been having mixed feelings.
On the one hand, I am relieved (!), relieved because no one likes to be criticised every other hour of the day and that is just what it seems to be with her; she's still trying to "fix" me.
On the other hand, I will miss her- her company and her overall support (even when she's annoying, she's still "mom" which impliedly translates to "pillar", "support", " support" and "support". Did I also mention "support"? You get my drift....).

Happy two-thousand-and-sixteenth year!

Wow, and that is how my very well written new year musing just disappeared like
I had thought I'd saved it before going for the end of year prayers but, alas, I couldn't have been more wrong.
Anyway, I'll just crack on regardless- I'll just wish us all a quick happy new year.
It's all well that what had previously been typed got wiped away- it had all been too deep and heavy- light is always better, :).... Sometimes.