Tiwa, my girl.

I was online today when I chanced upon this picture of Tiwa, my girl and the first thing I thought was,
" Oh dear! ".
You see, I thought this way because, being a mum myself, I know first-hand what childbirth can do to your body and I know how utterly depressing it can get....
Especially if you never imagined it "could happen to you".
Suddenly, you look around and only seem to see mums like yourself whose snap back games are so strong, you wonder where they got the will power to stay so disciplined in the quest to "snap back into the desired pre-pregnancy shape".

And as I scrolled through the comments, I was aware of the several emotions coursing through me; annoyance, indignation...... and laughter.
Mad, insane laughter.
Nigerians have no chill sha. Chaii.
Just look at the comments below:

The comment that did me in though was a comment I saw that was merely an expression, see comment by fai_world below:

I lost it when I read that comment and couldn't help laughing like a hyena.
Personally, though I thought the outfit was totally unflattering and a bit ridiculous, for a nursing mum, Tiwa's looks really good and her body looks great!  
Then again, maybe people would not have had any reason to mock her size/shade of skin et al had she dressed appropriately for the occasion and not seemed to be trying too hard to stay sexy by wearing an outfit that left her pregnancy-altered bits a tad too exposed - she is Tiwa Savage for goodness sakes, and she's just had a baby, people can and will understand if she were draped in loose but elegant clothing!

Curiosity took me to the commenter's page- for some reason, I wanted to know if the comment, 
" Haba.... chei..... Hmm..... nawa oo.... I hope all is well oooo" had been an expression of a mind that was shocked speechless or one which didn't know any better way to express itself- 
I have time abi? 
I had been so certain the comment was a yab ...
The name took me to a page that belonged to a rather good-looking man who was obviously a model, see a few pics below:


In the light of the fact that the comment had been made by someone in the "looks" industry, I began to wonder,  
Was this young man really just worried then? Was the expression, 
"... hope all is well ooo..."- a  genuine expression of concern and wasn't the man merely taking a mickey out of Tiwa?
Then finally, is there a reason to be worried about/for Tiwa?
This line of reasoning sobered me up very quickly and I hoped to God that all was okay and as it should be with her.

So do you reckon that comment was a yab or an expression of genuine concern?

It's 4 days until the New year, remember to ruminate on, to assimilate and to take the lessons learned in 2015 with you leaving behind the mistakes and not-so-pleasant memories- choose to look ahead in faith and hope and stay positive.

Love Always,

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