New day, Same report....

Monday, 28th December, 2015 ( Bank Holiday)

I'm really not happy that I have not been able to set up the blog.
I know it will eventually be up but I totally detest the length of time it is taking me to accomplish something I reckoned would be very easy.
#Deep sigh
In the interim, this gives me time to do some writing (which I may or may not use eventually), search myself further and think of/on exactly what it is I seek to achieve with this platform.

To be honest, in the past, in my anonymous phase, I wrote for ME, as a means of expression and exploration and it helped me gain clarity and gradually became a means of release.
I wonder just how much of a release one can get from writing openly though......
Not much, it seems to me.
Yet, it can- if one stay brutally honest with no fear or shame about experiences, feelings and fears.

If I can honestly write about the things I am uncertain about, the things I hope for, the regrets that I strive to leave behind, the achievements I attain and hope to be bountiful, the faith I grapple with and pray to grow stronger in day by day, the questions that boggle my simple mind but for which I have no answers...... If I can honestly write about all of these and more, to capture the way I TRULY feel, then, this blog will be the desired respite I long for it to be without the unfeeling veil over it.

Tuesday, 29th December, 2015 @ 11:25PM -

Lol, I didn't even finish the post I began yesterday.
It's funny how writing in this new blog feels really different....
I feel like I'm struggling and I've been trying to understand why.
I know it has alot to do with the fact that I feel like a new born baby thrust into the cold, big world; naked and exposed, waiting for the comfort blanket to be used to wrap me up, to enclose me in it's warm cocoon, waiting to be received- which, in this case, will probably be the reception this platform receives- whether friendly or hostile, warm or cold, with interest or indifference.....
It's just a myriad of feelings- and, to be fair, not even the few years online prepared me for this.

I want to wear my heart on my sleeves but then I become too concious of myself- something I never had to worry about....
However, I've come this far not to back out; do this, I must.
Nothing good ever comes easy, if my writing is worth it, then it is worth sticking it through just to be able to do this one thing that I love, that comes rather easily to me, that has always been there for me when/where all other modes of expression have failed me.

To combat this rather unnerving self awareness in this one area I need for it to be taken down, I've decided to write with a veil and, when finished, to take off said veil and immediately hit the publish button.   Lol!
I've left off the scrutinizing aspect of writing because I already know this inevitable part would be cringe-worthy a lot of times but I'm willing to brave it- the scars I have from my life experiences qualify me to have a voice and will not intimidate me to keep mum.

Anyway, just thought I share this whilst I await the google gentlemen helping me set up.
In the meantime, have a good evening and ponder on these last days of the year-
By God's grace, 2016 will be most amazing for us all and will come with blessings and testimonies and whatever trials it brings will have us taking the lessons in patience and perseverance and never in bitterness.

Later, my friends,


Your comments, views and opinions are not only very much appreciated but highly valued because every opinion is valid and should be expressed. Of course, opinions do not include insults and hurtful remarks- the keyword is consideration, the consideration is towards the feelings of the other person. Thank you and Welcome. I hope you like it here and that you stay.... :) 

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