Not to worry, I'm not about to go all Adele on you, hehehe.

I've blogged anonymously for a few years and decided, 
after much consideration, to do this "semi-anonymously", 
meaning that I will share pictures with you, 

I will share real life events, experiences and stories with you as honestly as I possibly can within the limits of my circumstances and position as a wife, legal practitioner and a mother, and 
I will generally be here with you and for you-
I will listen and I will share.

I will however, as much as I can, refrain from sharing anything or "too-much" about my family 
( Sorry guys! I know that normally makes for juicy fodder but .....) 
and although most people who read me will/may know me personally, 
I still choose to go by my nickname which, of course, is my blog name.

It took me a while to get here....
to muster up the courage to blog outside the closet 
( Well,  technically that is not a given as I have yet to share a picture, hehehehe ;) ) 
but, writing is my passion and as much as I write to release, to share, to gain insights and to grow, 
it can grow abit lonely (?) and hard-to-relate-to doing all of that "faceless" writing....

I prayed about this for a while until I finally got the peace to go on ahead and so this is me beginning my blogging journey- 
as though it were my very first blogging experience- and it is! :)

I hope it makes for an insightful, yet delightful read; 
an inspirational, yet fun read and, 
though life generally is a personal race/journey, 
I am hoping that this particular journey (blogging/journalling) is not a "solo" one for me but one that attracts to itself like minded people who can relate to the words written, the experiences honestly poured out and the lessons to be learnt.
I do not hold myself out to be a connoisseur of knowledge- 
quite frankly, the opposite is the case- 
I am quite the blank slate and it is my hope that as we, 
together, think things through and make sense out of the cards life deals us, 
we learn and grow in knowledge and in self.

Your contributions- sent in posts, emails, comments, visits- will be and are very much appreciated so, keep them coming as I am anticipating them!

Finally, God bless you as you read and, cheers to the birth of my blog!


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