On Davido & Sophia's baby and where we draw the line between protection and oppression.

When I discovered blogosphere (in 2013), I felt like a kid in a candy store- it was all too interesting!
I went to all of the sites- I'd started with Linda's, then I stumbled upon SDK and, just one evening, I landed on Wivesconnection and that tied me down real quickly, lol.
My DH would often say, "You've come with your townhall meeting group, abi na blog, how would you even be actively interested in a blog called "womenstownhallmeeting'? "townhallmeeting" kwa?", he'd ask incredulously and I'd simply laugh cos I knew he was joking.

Choosing Hope.

I'm in a bit of a low mood and, not really wanting to share or bother anyone around me with it, I decided to sit in with it and write till I feel better.
At least I hope I feel better by the time I get to the end of this text.

New day, Same report....

Monday, 28th December, 2015 ( Bank Holiday)

I'm really not happy that I have not been able to set up the blog.
I know it will eventually be up but I totally detest the length of time it is taking me to accomplish something I reckoned would be very easy.
#Deep sigh
In the interim, this gives me time to do some writing (which I may or may not use eventually), search myself further and think of/on exactly what it is I seek to achieve with this platform.

Merry Christmas!!! ( In arrears...)

I meant to put up this post on the 25th and yet, it is the earliest hours of the 27th of December with me not even being certain it will definitely be up.
I have been having some issues trying to set up my website and, at some point, I couldn't even find my blog and kept receiving a 404 error message whenever I typed in the name of my site ( Well, if this blog isn't dated the 27th day of Dec, 2015, then it was still ongoing as at the time this was written) so, though it is still giving me the unfriendly message, I am still able to access my work pages and so I've just decided to crack on with my writing, whether or not I finally see it.
Well, I've been assured that it should be up as I've done all I'm supposed to do, and correctly too, so, I'll just sit here and turn out my thoughts whilst I await the appearance of my blog profile.
Perfect. Just perfect.


Not to worry, I'm not about to go all Adele on you, hehehe.

I've blogged anonymously for a few years and decided, 
after much consideration, to do this "semi-anonymously", 
meaning that I will share pictures with you,