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Bleeding Brad.....

3 May 2017

Hi guys,

Happy new month of May! 
I won't bother with a narrative about why I've been away, at this point, it's just pointless. Life has been happening. It is well. Anyway, I want to be more consistent on the blog, to write more and remove my focus from Social Media for a while. Social media is absolutely great. It is such a great occurrence in this time and age and gives us access to opportunities, people, themes, ideas, etc that we might not have ordinarily had without it but, darn, it can be quite overwhelming. It just sorta takes over you if you are not mindful; I'm choosing to step back, step away and try to focus more on why I am here in the first place, which is to write. 

The Nigerian In Us....

Last week, we came home from school run to meet our smoke alarm bad. No, it wasn't blaring out noises but it continuously made one sharp beep over a 30-60 second period. I was worried that the beeps would cause me to be unable to sleep and I googled what could be wrong with it. All the pages I looked at seemed to be saying the same thing: the battery was off. I tried to check this out when the children were asleep, took out the batteries and inserted new ones in but the noise didn't stop. I left it for my husband to have a look at when he was in. Hubby got back by the weekend and checked the batteries thoroughly but still, the beeping would not stop. We were being thorough because, unlike the previous apartment we had lived in before this, when something went bad and you called maintenance, if they came through to discover that it was a trivial thing that didn't require for them to come by, you ended up paying the fee for having them come which was anything from £70 upwards.

It Takes A Village.

The other day, a sister in church sharply chided another for rashly speaking to her 3-year-old in the name of discipline. She had been very upset and she had said it abruptly, right there in front of the kids. She had later told me that her son was already a timid person and they, his parents, were doing all they could to try to ease him out of his shell: they didn't need some adult barking at him like a dog. 

When You Are Too Big For Your Britches.

I have recently begun to realise, and accept, that there are people who are just really weird and whose natural responses to situations are just totally off because it is just who they are. They were maybe raised differently.

Your Unique Touch And Your Story Are Yours.

Hi guys!

Hope your week is going well! Mine's been so so- I certainly feel like I'm pushing through the best way I can; pushing through the noise and the non-stop hyperactivity going on around me. The best time of the day for me is at night, when the kids have gone to bed and I've just rounded off cleaning the dishes. I relax with a cuppa Valerian and Chamomile tea and just soak in the tranquility. I almost

Chefjudgejudyjudy: Swede soup.

Hi guys!


I've just made a pot of swede and celery soup so I thought I quickly leave you the recipe. Swede is a root vegetable and, contrary to what people imagine once they hear "vegetable", it has a high starch content- just like alot of root veggies (all kinds of potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, turnips etc) so, again, balance is key. It is certainly better to have root vegetables than to gorge out on pastries and processed foods but you want to ensure to incorporate it into your healthy meal plan in little quantities.


Hi guys,

Hope you've had a swell week! Well, thank God it's weekend already, nothing like having a good lie-in on a Saturday morning. 

Bummed and Gutted: More Learning Woes....

I failed my practical driving test today. Again. This would be the second time I've failed it and the third time I've spent money on the test. The first time I booked it was just as we came to the end of 2016; I'd just gone on a one hour mock test spin with my instructor (that also cost money) and,

Of Moms And Adulting.

The week started on a not too upbeat note for me. This was mainly because my mum, who'd been visiting, had to leave. I've never been alone with my sons since the addition of our second and so I braced myself and mentally prepared myself for the transition.

Family is Loyalty.

Pulled up this blank post to write and there's just so much I really want to write but also so much I'm unsure of as yet. Too many emotions being processed and needing to be aired. I should probably write in a private journal to process my thoughts, and I just might do that but we'll see....

When Freeze Tells You To Masturbate Only A Little....

So this afternoon, I strolled by Instagram to have a little look around and saw a post by daddyfreeze on my timeline of a young man who wanted to know what he thought about masturbation being a sin.

Linda and I Have A Word For You :)

I was watching a DIY video on Youtube this evening when I saw, on the sidebar, a video about Laura Ikeji's engagement. Curious, I clicked on the video to see what it was about and saw Laura get proposed to- it was such a cute video but that's not what I want to talk about. I saw another video on the sidebar of Linda Ikeji dancing with her sisters (that was boring) and then another video about her quite famous birthday message.

Shut your toddler up!!!

When your neighbour is a piece of work 😭😭😭                  
So we recently moved into a flat in a beautiful neighbourhood. Assides the lack of ample storage that I had noticed a tad too late, every other thing seemed really perfect about this area. Until it wasn't.

Catch up and Thanksgiving.

Hi guys!

My God. First off, I apologise for upping and leaving the way I have but I honestly needed to effect a quick and much needed shut down. I apologise. I didn't think I would need a break as I had felt I would be able to co-ordinate being a new mom and blogging effectively and efficiently but, alas, that has not been the case. Anyway, how are you? 😀 OMG! An emoticon! I've barely been gone two months and blogger's updated their app/product/site. I apologise again. Hopefully this won't happen again- at least not without some kind of notice.

Are You A Feminist?

I know I haven't blogged in a while and, trust me, no day passes by without me having something that really needs to be blogged but..... Life's just been happening so fast here and I can't seem to keep up with all of the happenstances around the world- at least enough to actually blog about them- so I think, "Well, we're all observing what is happening, aren't we all?"